How To Serve a Bottle of Wine

Wine Service Skills

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Wine Service

The process of serving a wine is an art form. If not served correctly, you could easily ruin the characteristics of a wine.

Serving wine at the correct temperature will greatly enhance the enjoyment on offer. If served at high temperatures a white wine will taste oily and lose character, and if over-chilled will taste of nothing at all. All too often in restaurants white wine is taken out of the fridge where it is stored at the correct temperature, served, and then dropped to just above freezing for the rest of the meal in an ice bucket. If this happens to you, ask for a plate for the bottle to stand on, only returning it to the ice when it becomes warmer. The ice bucket should be there to regulate the temperature only.

Remove the metal foil using a sharp knife or special foil cutter ensuring that no jagged bits remain on the pouring surface - this can cause unsightly dribbling. Most modern corkscrews are effective but invariably an old or weak cork may break or disintegrate. If it proves difficult to remove try pushing it into the bottle and decant the wine into a jug using a skewer or kebab stick to hold it down. If there are bits of cork in the wine filter it through a simple kitchen funnel using a coffee filter. Be especially careful with Champagne and Sparkling Wine as the corks can eject with tremendous force and cause injury. Always open these bottles at an angle away from you (and your best china). Remove the restraining wire and hold down the cork while twisting the bottle from the base. As the cork ejects, angle it out of the neck to release the gas 'softly' - racing drivers take note - anyway, you will enjoy a lot more of your wine!

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