Hotel Housekeeping – Cleaning Rooms

Hotel Room Cleaning

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Hotel Housekeeping – Cleaning Rooms

Prior to commencing work, all housekeeping staff, especially room attendants, must follow some floor rules that lend an air of efficiency and least inconvenience to guests.
The floor and rooms are most private and personal to guests who are concerned by the people who frequent them.

They lay a large trust in the management of the hotel through the room attendants who are privy to their rooms and belongings. To uphold this trust the following rules must be strictly observed:


  1. Speech amongst the floor staff must be restricted to a minimum. In case communication is necessary, this must be done in low tones even when guests are not in sight.
    2. Unnecessary movements like running or jumping must be avoided.
    3. The passageway must be kept free of equipment, trays or trollies.
    4. The floor telephones must be attended to promptly.
    5. Room attendants must greet all guests according to the time of the day.
    6. Staff must be helpful and readily give required information. Misleading a guest through misinformation must be avoided.
    7. Alertness to guest movements is necessary so as to report anything suspicious.
    8. Remember the guest is always right. Arguing with a guest is prohibited. If a guest is being unreasonable refer him/her to the next superior.
    9. It is prohibited to enter rooms which display a “Do not disturb” sign outside. If a DND sign is on for a long time, this may be reported to the floor supervisor.
    10. The door of the room in which the attendant is cleaning should always be kept wide open.
    11. If the guest returns when the room is being cleaned the room attendant may ask the guest if she can continue or come later.
    12. In spite of following the procedure for entering a room, if the guest is inside either sleeping or awake, quickly withdraw, apologising if required and shut the door softly.
    13. Always follow the procedure of entering a room even if the room is seemingly vacant.

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