Fire Safety in Hotels

Hotel Fire Safety Training

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Hotel Fire Safety

Escape Plan

Plan your escape from a fire before you are caught in one.

Before you hang up your clothes or plop down to relax, familiarize yourself with the locations of the fire exits nearest to your room. These are generally shown on a map posted on the back of the room door or in a closet.

Next head out the door and try to imagine how you would find your way to the nearest fire exit in the dark while crawling on your hands and knees. count the doorways between you and the fire exit and note any obstacles that could get in your way.

When you reach the exit, open the door. A locked door will surely be a death trap if a fire were to occur and take a look inside to get an idea of its configuration and to confirm that the stairwell is free of obstacles that could block your escape.

On your way to or from your room, find the nearby fire alarms and fire extinguishers or fire hoses. If there are none visible, call the front desk to ask their location.

Because it’s possible that your path to the nearest fire escape may be blocked during an emergency, map out a secondary escape route that would take you in the opposite direction.

When you return to your room, look out the window to see if it would be possible to jump without breaking your neck. In case if you have to escape that way, look for obstacles under your window.

Verify the operation of the smoke detector in your room. Typically, a small light on the smoke detector indicates its operation. If you are unsure that it is working, call the front desk for assistance.

Finally, with an escape plan in place, now relax.

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