A Day in the Life of a Chef

Chefs Duties and Responsibilities

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A Day in the Life of a Chef

The term chef may conjure up different definitions for individuals. Some may view a chef as having general cooking knowledge whereas others may deem a chef to be an individual with great experience and cooking flair. In general, a chef will have greater experience than say a cook or sous chef in the culinary arts. In order to really get a glimpse as to the role which a chef plays, one must look at the general responsibilities and specific duties that a chef undertakes every day.

A chef is an individual who oversees the culinary staff and wears quite a few different hats with regard to what goes on in their workplace. Frequently a chef will oversee the staff, place orders for culinary items and direct the overall preparation of the food which is served in the dining establishment. From time to time, the chef will also don the apron and help to prepare the meals as well.

One who holds the title of chef has quite a few different general responsibilities related to their professional role. The chef is responsible for overseeing all who work below them in the establishment and ensure that their duties are being carried out to the fullest of their potential. An individual who is a chef will also be responsible for planning the set menu items and any specials as well as provide the recipes in most cases. In addition, the chef is usually responsible for placing food orders and necessary kitchen tool orders in order to enable the preparation of the meals. The chef will also address any complaints which affect his kitchen staff and resolve those issues. One who is the chef of the establishment may also like to get behind the burners and engage in some cooking and food preparation as well.

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